Work packages

The ROSETTA project is divided into 9 work packages in order to structure the work performed. There are seven R&D work packages and two related to dissemination of results and project management. All partners are active in most of the scientific and technical work packages and one partner is assigned work package lead for each work package.

WP1 - Knowledge and skill representation

The objective of this work package is to create a semantic “Knowledge Integration Framework” (KIF) to represent knowledge and skills used in robotised production, so that the connected robots embed their experience, are self-configurable, and autonomous. This work package will investigate how best to represent, to store, to adapt, and to distribute knowledge; a major focus will be on doing this in a “platform-independent” way, but it will also store the information about specific platforms, such that “platform-specific” transformations of the knowledge are possible.

Work package leader: Lund University, Dept. of Computer Science

WP2 - Knowledge transformation and learning

This WP has two objectives:
1. To transform the knowledge from the KIF server (WP1) into platform-specific forms that can be used in on-line control systems. create a task representation based on the task description (list of instructions), by using available knowledge and skills,
2. To learn knowledge and skills, in the first place those pieces in the platform-specific models that are identified as unknown in the platform-independent representations in the KIF). Secondly, feedback from the platforms towards the KIF server could be used to learn platform-independent updates of the knowledge.

Work package leader: K.U. Leuven, PMA

WP3 - Robust task execution

With dual robot arms, ascertain skill executions and sequences thereof based on skill, knowledge, sensor data fusion, control and adaptation.

Work package leader: Lund University, Dept. of Automatic Control

WP4 - Injury risk knowledge

The objectives of this work package are:

  • to derive a quantified knowledge for different contact situations of robot collisions with different parts of the human body;
  • to develop a system to percept and track humans in the vicinity of the robot arms to assess the situational safety risk.

Work package leader: Fraunhofer IPA

WP5 - Safe human-robot interaction control

The activities in this work package build upon work package 4, exploiting the knowledge acquired from the sensor system developed in that work package and developing skills for both co-existence and co-operation of robots and humans. This will allow safe intentional interactions while protecting from dangerous collisions. Reference will be made to robots employed in assembly tasks of small parts.

Work package leader: Politecnico di Milano, Dept. of Electronics and Information

WP6 - Application and engineering principles

Objectives of this work package:

  • Analyze the application area and derive requirements for all work packages. Define more detailed benchmarks and validation scenarios.
  • Derive engineering principles and tools that allow the application of the developed scientific methods to be used in an industrial context, both with offline programming (simulation) and on-line instruction (interactive) scenarios.

Work package leader: ABB AB, Corporate Research

WP7 - Demonstration platform for validation

The objective of this work package is to develop a fully functional automatic assembly cell that allows demonstrating the results of all work packages.

Work package leader: ABB AB, Corporate Research

WP8 - Exploitation and dissemination

This work package has the objectives to A) ensure continuous identification of project results subject to exploitation; commercial and academic, and to prepare and follow up the exploitation of these; and B) to organize and execute dissemination of information related to the project and its intermediate and final results.

Work package leader: ABB AB, Corporate Research

WP9 - Management of consortium activities

This Work package has the function to set up the project organisation6 and related management routines for the project activities, and to ensure that these are applied by all the beneficiaries throughout the project duration, to ensure the work progress.

Work package leader: ABB AB, Corporate Research